Group Classes

D-VERT studio

This 1115-square-foot room was thoughtfully created to offer our members an intimate space
which promotes concentration and introspection.
It is the ideal place for relaxation and self accomplishment.

Every detail count.

This soundproof room is equipped with a vibrant sound system, a powerful ventilation system
and infrared radiant heaters.

The cherry on top, you will have access to an 800-square-foot terrace facing south. When mother nature allows it, you will be able to unroll your mat under the sun or
simply take a breath of fresh air after your class.

Obviously, the necessary equipment (blocks, straps, blankets, bolsters, etc.) will be available for your class. Yoga mats will be available at the desk for rental.

Hot yoga



Prepare to sweat

Here is a fluid and regenerating yoga session just for you. With the heat, the practice gets on another level of intensity and your body becomes naturally more flexible. This type of yoga encourages us to fully connect with our breath and teaches us how to better manage our mind in any situation.

You will certainly come out of there with less weight on your shoulders.

Our infrared radiant heating system can heat the room up very quickly. This heat is then maintained by our a ventilation system that ensures good air circulation in the room.

Hot yoga

Therapeutic Hot yoga

Inspire by nature

Similar to our regular hot yoga class but a little more therapeutic.

To make the experience more complete, essential oils are diffused in the room. Let yourself be immersed in different essences in symbiosis with the theme of the session and the desired atmosphere. On the physical side, this class will be smoother than our regular Hot yoga.

Therapeutic Hot yoga

D-Vert Yoga

Reach new heights

This class is for climbers or anyone wishing to improve their flexibility, body awareness and concentration. The postures will be oriented towards opening the shoulders and hips as well as strengthening the “core” and the back. Of course, the search for balance and control in your movements will be put forward. We add a short meditation to improve your climbing mindset and help you stay focused while going through the crux of your next project.

D-Vert Yoga

Restorative Yoga

Slow down

This class promotes relaxation and deep tension releases. Let yourself be guided in sequences of fluid and gentle movements followed by restorative postures on the ground. Various accessories (blocks, blankets, bolsters, etc.) will be used for greater support and to totally let go both physically and mentally. Breath awareness is the true pillar of this style of yoga which makes this practice naturally meditative.

* D-Vert community, this is a perfect class to follow your climbing session and recover your strength faster.

Restorative Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Back to the roots

Here is a class purely in the tradition of yoga. We will practice classic postures, one at a time. More attention is put on the quality of our alignment and our understanding of the postures. The slower pace allows us to go beyond the action of doing the poses and instead be in the pose, live it, feel it at all levels

Yoga is new to you? Hatha Yoga is a good choice for a beginner.

Hatha Yoga

More to come...

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