Therapeutic Care

Kinesiologist specialized in therapeutic exercises

Member of the Association des Kinésiologues, kinésithérapeutes, massothérapeutes, orthothérapeutes du Québec as well as the Climbing Escalade Canada National Practitioners Network.

Using various recognized and proven therapeutic methods, I can help you relieve discomfort and reduce pain caused by postural or muscular imbalances, tendinopathy or any other chronic musculoskeletal disorder.

The prescription of specialized exercises adapted to your conditions and realities will help you take your physical state in your own hands and help you reach your goals, whether these are in the line of prevention, pain management or performance.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to know more about the rates and appointment procedures.



Kinesiologist specialized in therapeutic exercises

Our massage therapists :

Nathalie Laprise


Listening and being there for others are values that have always been an integral part of my personality. As a massage therapist / physiotherapist, graduate of the Academy of Scientific Massage of Sherbrooke and Master Reiki Usui, I am at your service to make your life better, both physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Whether it is for a relaxing, bicorporal, therapeutic (physiotherapist) or energetic (REIKI) treatment, I will be the help you need to achieve the best of yourself, because when you are good with yourself, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE …

Nathalie Laprise

Kathleen Carrière

from your tensions to your imperfections

Massage therapist and physiotherapist since 2005, I am at your service for everything related to musculoskeletal disorders, body firming assisted by exceptional products and work tools for your performance. Meetings and follow-ups offered.

Kathleen Carrière

Cédrik Fillion


I am a passionate young man who marvels at all facets of life. I have had a variety of jobs over the years that have led to the realization that what I love to do above all else is make people happy. Whether it is solving their problems, relieving their pain, or just making them smile, the feeling of having a positive influence on someone’s day is priceless.

When I started my journey at the Academy of Scientific Massage, I knew I had found my calling. I have discovered a new world, in which I can get to know each of my clients. Together, we determine what you need, and I make every effort to provide you with personalized service.



30 minutes (40$)
60 minutes (80$)
90 minutes (120$)
Aromatherapy (5$)


60 minutes (90$)
with ASEA Gel (160$)

90 minutes (135$)
with ASEA gel (205$)

*All prices do not show tax

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