The fitness center

For D-Vert GYM members

It is on our large fenestrated mezzanine that you will be able to get fit or keep up with your fitness goals.

D-Vert GYM members will have access to a complete 4550 square foot gym with an overlooking view of the climbing center. On site, we will have a team of kinesiologist ready to create a personalized workout program. You will also have access to a large space covered with mats where you can stretch or do floor exercises.

Training program


At D-Vert you can benefit from the expertise of our team of certified kinesiologists. Whatever your needs, goals and history, you will be in good hands.

1st program 125$ + taxes

* Members get 10% off

First meeting with your Kinesiologist (1h00)

  • Physical condition evalutation
  • Discussion on your needs, objectives and realities
    • weight loss
    • injuries
    • special health condition
    • performance
    • specific sports
    • pregnancy, pre / post natal
    • and more

Second meeting (1h00)

  • Delivery of your personalized training program



Following programs 70$ + taxes

* Members get 10% off

First meeting with your Kinesiologist (1h00)

  • Physical condition evaluation
  • Discussion on your needs, objectives and realities
  • Planning of a new program

Second meeting (1h00)

  • Delivery of your personalized training program


Where to start?

The first step is to choose your coach from our certified team. Consult the section below “Our Kinesiologists” to read each description and choose the trainer or therapist who can meet your needs.

Then, contact us or come to the desk to set the date of your first meeting and choose the package that suits you.

Private Session

  • Session with a personal coach
  • Personalized training according to your objectives
  • Possibility of adding up to 2 additional people for $ 20 + taxes each
Equipment included





* Members get a 10% discount


Contact us or come at the desk to set the date of your private session.

Reservation at the desk only.

The man behind the D-Vert GYM

The man behind the D-Vert GYM

It is because of him that the D-Vert GYM is the best place in town to workout. With over 30 years of experience in the field, Stephane brings masterful expertise to our training section. The care and attention he pays to maintaining the equipment and setting up the space is remarkable. You will certainly benefit of his advice or simply enjoy his presence during your visits to the GYM.

Our D-Vert Kinesologist

Jacob Lauzon

Graduated from the University de Sherbrooke in kinesiology in winter 2020. Jacob will be able to support you in your efforts to reach personal goals in the short or long term. He will carefully realize a complete fitness evaluation with a personalized training program, regardless of your current health situation. Passionate about physical activity, he is constantly looking for information to deepen his knowledge in the field.

Specialized in climbing, Jacob can accompany both a beginner who wants to learn the basics as well as an expert who wants specific training to perform to the best of his ability. In terms of experience, his three years of competing at the provincial and national level and his two years as a coach of a junior competitive team give him a good understanding of the aspects necessary for success.

Do not hesitate to come and see him, he will be happy to answer your questions!

Jacob Lauzon

Marie-Audrée Murphy Desjardins

It’s in 2014 that Marie-Audrée graduated from the University of Sherbrooke with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology. It was a passion for physical activity, sports and science that led her to this study program.

Wanting to specialize in the treatment of chronic pain, she subsequently completed a graduate degree specializing in therapeutic exercises.

Marie-Audrée is passionate about the outdoors, especially rock climbing. She has now been climbing for nearly 10 years, both in competition in the gym and on the rock.

Combining her passion for rock climbing with a passion for pain relief, she got involved as a therapist for the Canadian Rock Climbing Team. During the summer of 2017, she had the chance to accompany the athletes to three World Cup competitions including the United States, Germany, and Italy.

During the past five years, she has worked in various private kinesiology clinics, with various clienteles, gradually specializing in the field of climbing.

Marie-Audrée will be able to support you in the success of your goals, whether they relate to fitness, performance, or treatment of pain.

Marie-Audrée Murphy Desjardins

Martin Bernier

Martin obtained his degree in kinesiology in 2020. In addition to his involvement with us, he is also pursuing a master’s degree at the University of Sherbrooke, studying the effects of aging and chronic diseases on physical activity prescriptions.

In addition to his formation as a kinesiologist, Martin also has a college degree in physical rehabilitation. This degree gives him a good knowledge of musculoskeletal problems allowing him to adapt his intervention and guide you in your training despite the presence of past or current injuries.

Passionate about a wide variety of sports and outdoor activities, he will combine his experience with his knowledge in the field of fitness to guide you in your progress.

Whether it is for performance goals or to optimize your health, Martin is ready and eager to work with you.

Martin Bernier

Raphaël Morin

Graduate in kinesiology and college education, Raphaël is passionate about education, human movement, outdoor, psychology and healthy holistic habits.

Coach, physical trainer, psychotherapist and yogi, he guides, facilitates and teaches with an energetic, authentic and benevolent presence.

Its therapeutic approach aims to relax the body and mind, opening up new perspectives for you to overcome everyday challenges with agility. Collaborating with Raphaël means going beyond your limits to give meaning to what you do. It is harmonizing the body by adopting a responsible attitude.

Whether it is to gain flexibility and strength, to develop focus and discipline or to afford simple quality tools and optimize your health habits, set an appointment with Raphaël.

Raphaël Morin

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